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Marco Figueroa - Photographer

Marco Figueroa was born in Mexico City where he lived for 15 years before moving to Austin, Texas.

He has gained professional experience through multiple internships and by completing a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in photography at Greensboro College in North Carolina.

In his fine art and commercial photography he uses abstracted perspectives throughout the composition.“My artwork is conceived by adding unrecognizable elements to everyday sceneries.

I intentionally try to make the viewer consider how these levels of clarity modify each situation”

The photography shows the progressive steps in place before the image is taken; the alternating angles and the use of interval depths appeal to the viewer's interest.

Marco’s objective is to create a path for the eye to travel through the artwork until there is a spot where the vision captivates, identifying the strongest area of the work; the viewer is left mesmerized.

ADO Carton Experimentation at Treetops Austin, TX


Austin, TX

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